Soccer Camp

Our annual soccer camp was held in St. Peter’s Community School, Passage West. We had 40 kids from local areas attend the camp this year! The camp was for boys and girls from 6-12 years of age and was only €10 for the 4 days of Camp.

Here is what each day looked like:

First, the kids were split into different teams. Their teams were colour coded so everyone knew who their teammates were. The kids began with some simple skill drills focused upon fun and learning some new skills along the way.

After the skill drills it was time for the much needed refreshment break. Water and some snacks were provided for all our little players. After they had finished their snack it was time for the five minute Bible talk. This consists of some small thought from the Bible given at a level that the kids can understand.

Finally, it is time for the big match! This is a time for the kids to show   off the skills they had learned during the day and enjoy the beautiful   game.

On the last day of the camp we had our world cup day, the most  important day of all! Each kid got a medal at the end for their active  participation in the world cup. The winners received a trophy and there  were also some special prizes given for sportsmanship, top goalscorer  etc.

So, keep an eye out for our soccer camp next summer! We would love to see you there!

We would like to give a special thanks to Douglas Baptist Church  who sponsor this event ensuring to keep costs down for the campers.